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Tina Fey Way Hotter Than Sarah Palin

Much has been made of Sarah Palin’s looks, with pundits comparing her to a number of TV and movie stars, and the sexy librarian figure from Cinemax nighttime films (thanks for this fine list, Jon Stewart).

To me, Palin brings to mind Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Is the emphasis on Palin’s beauty just another GOP talking point?

Constant attention to Palin’s looks lets Republicans put forward a woman and then rob her of any intellectual power and legitimacy at the same time.

Also, isn’t it time to stand up for Tina Fey, who looks nothing like a GOP zombie?

Tina Fey, you are good looking.

Your face moves in more than one direction, and is not frozen in a scary, I-know-what’s- good-for-you-smile.

Oh, and you probably know what the Bush doctrine is. Super sexy.



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Lipstick, Pigs, and Pitbulls

The McCain-Palin campaign is in a tizzy over Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment.

The comparison to an animal isn’t the problem. Palin says proudly that the only difference between her and a breed of dog with an aggressive reputation is that she, the hockey mom, wears lipstick.  (No matter that her hockey mom cred has seriously been called into question by a local Wasilla mom).

The big slight here, the real offense, the smear, in the mind of the McCain-Palin campaign: suggesting that the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee is ugly.

C’mon, they picked her, in part, because they think she’s pretty.

I didn’t think it was a slight when I watched the video on CNN last night. Instead, I thought that Obama’s comment could only be taken as a low-blow by those who actually use the term pig to describe a woman’s appearance.

It’s only a slight to those who care more about a woman’s looks than her politics.


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