lives on the U.S. west coast. She’s a writer, and a recovering English Ph.D. htg03 thinks that once you’re an academic, you can never really shake it, kind of like being raised a Catholic. htg03’s happy to be a part of this feminist blog, because she thinks feminist analysis gets short shrift in the mainstream media, leaving her with few outlets and a lot to say.


is on the tenure track in the social sciences at a large public university.  She’s proud that her mother raised her to be a feminist.  Frustrated with the recent turn in feminist debates, she’s adding her voice to the fray.


is an American academic living and working in England, where ‘Miss’ is still in common usage for women over 18.  She is excited to be part of creating an alternative to the never-ending mommy wars and the navel-gazing of third-wave it-girls that currently stands for ‘feminism’ in the popular media.


put the “negro” in uppity negro and fully intends to continue do so. When she can find a way to combine watching television, ranting about politics, and messing about with gadgets into a paying gig, she will truly have found nirvana. Until then, raising racial and feminist consciousness will do just fine.


One response to “Biographies

  1. consciousnessrazor

    Thank you so much for starting this blog!

    “Surely we’re the first nation to confuse a presidential election with a Top Ten MILF list.” Priceless. LMFAO.

    I just started my own feminist commentary blog at if any of you are interested. Keep up the awesome work!

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