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Sarah Palin on the VP’s Job

Doing justice to last night’s debate is a long project, one I’m not sure we’ll need to take on, since it’s doubtful that the VPs will change the course of the election now.

My irritation this morning is more to do with the coverage of the debate than the debate itself. Sarah Palin’s just as woefully unqualified for the job of VP today as she was last week when she did her Katie Couric interviews. Yet the media gave her a pass, since she stood upright through the whole thing instead of falling to the ground in a puddle of her own pee. The substance of the debate went virtually unexamined on CNN and NPR this morning.

Only in a local talk show did I finally hear mentioned that Sarah Palin showed that she STILL doesn’t know what the VP does. She asserted that the VP has a role in the legislative branch (misunderstanding, it seems, the VP’s role as tie breaker in the senate). Palin also seemed to be under the impression that her role in the Senate would be something she would hammer out with John McCain. I was sure that there would be some great youtube tape I could include here, but alas, there is as yet no downloadable record of this most pivotal moment in the VP debate.




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Hillary Sent Me

If you want to make sure that women are voting in their own best interest this year, and that no one’s staying home to protest how Hillary Clinton was treated during the primary, consider supporting Hillary Sent Me. It’s a new initiative of HilPac to get democratic voters energized and out at the polls in the November.

I don’t have much money to give away, but when I do have some extra change, I give to causes like this. I figure it will eventually get to people in need in the form of public services if all goes well, which is better than watching my tax dollars go corporate welfare and other programs I’d never chose to support in gazillion years.

And if you know anyone who’s reluctant to vote Obama, share this nicely populist discussion between Biden and Clinton about how Obama will address issues affecting women. Biden and Clinton talk about economic issues too, key to wooing the women voters so essential to this election.

Lastly, in case you missed this in your millions of weekly emails from the Obama campaign: They’ve started an online drive for voter registration and to get people the materials they need to vote, like early and absentee ballots. They suggest adding it to your email signature line; not a bad idea, if you work in a profession where you can do that: http://www.VoteForChange.com.


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N.O.W Endorsed Obama Today

Citing their efforts in support of women’s rights, N.O.W endorsed the Obama/Biden ticket today.

NOW supported Sen. Hillary Clinton in the primary, and now we join with her in saying “NO” — No Way, No How, No McCain! And we proudly stand arm-in-arm with her in putting our hopes and our dreams, our hard work and our hard-earned money, behind the next President of the United States — Barack Obama, and his running mate, longtime friend and ally of women, Sen. Joe Biden.

You’re probably voting for Obama anyway if you’re reading this feminist blog, but do spread the word if you know anyone reluctant to support Obama, particularly on Hillary’s behalf, that McCain is the devil’s spawn, especially in terms of  women’s rights.


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