Lipstick, Pigs, and Pitbulls

The McCain-Palin campaign is in a tizzy over Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment.

The comparison to an animal isn’t the problem. Palin says proudly that the only difference between her and a breed of dog with an aggressive reputation is that she, the hockey mom, wears lipstick.  (No matter that her hockey mom cred has seriously been called into question by a local Wasilla mom).

The big slight here, the real offense, the smear, in the mind of the McCain-Palin campaign: suggesting that the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee is ugly.

C’mon, they picked her, in part, because they think she’s pretty.

I didn’t think it was a slight when I watched the video on CNN last night. Instead, I thought that Obama’s comment could only be taken as a low-blow by those who actually use the term pig to describe a woman’s appearance.

It’s only a slight to those who care more about a woman’s looks than her politics.



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