Sarah Palin on the VP’s Job

Doing justice to last night’s debate is a long project, one I’m not sure we’ll need to take on, since it’s doubtful that the VPs will change the course of the election now.

My irritation this morning is more to do with the coverage of the debate than the debate itself. Sarah Palin’s just as woefully unqualified for the job of VP today as she was last week when she did her Katie Couric interviews. Yet the media gave her a pass, since she stood upright through the whole thing instead of falling to the ground in a puddle of her own pee. The substance of the debate went virtually unexamined on CNN and NPR this morning.

Only in a local talk show did I finally hear mentioned that Sarah Palin showed that she STILL doesn’t know what the VP does. She asserted that the VP has a role in the legislative branch (misunderstanding, it seems, the VP’s role as tie breaker in the senate). Palin also seemed to be under the impression that her role in the Senate would be something she would hammer out with John McCain. I was sure that there would be some great youtube tape I could include here, but alas, there is as yet no downloadable record of this most pivotal moment in the VP debate.




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4 responses to “Sarah Palin on the VP’s Job

  1. flyovermiss

    The collective disappointment that she didn’t do worse doesn’t, as you point out, mean that she did well. She recited canned answers on topics she feels comfortable in, attacked Biden on predictable grounds, and refused to answer any question for which she did not have a prepared answer. I congratulate her handlers for the strategy, and for training her adequately to stick to it – I think it’s the best approach they could have taken given their starting point. However, I hope that viewers were able to see the hollowness behind the folksy delivery. We need answers to the questions facing this country, not another aw-shucks leader who can’t grapple with complex and fluid realities.

  2. htg03

    Indeed we do need answers. Biden did a good job of showing that folksy and smart aren’t binary opposites, though given his opposition to gay marriage, it’s hard to give him (or Obama) my whole-hearted support.

  3. jke4

    Just saw a new piece by Joe Conason at Salon about the debate which points out and comments on some of the most obvious errors. As Conason puts it,

    Palin’s phony populism is as insulting to working- and middle-class Americans as it is to American women. Why are basic diction and intellectual coherence presumed to be out of reach for “real people”?

    It’s a particularly good point. It’s incredibly insulting to think Palin’s incoherence and lack of basic information some how make her like ‘ordinary Americans.’

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