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NYT, Far Left Seek to Destroy White Male Power Strucure

John McCain and Bill O’Rilley say “no way” to the destruction of white male Christian power structure!

Ok, so maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit. But I’m not fudging the white male Christian power structure part; that’s verbatim. Check out the wacko exchange below, and notice how McCain appears to be scared of O’Rilley. Maverick my ass.

This exchange took place in 2007, but I think it deserves a resurgence of youtube popularity, given that way that McCain supporters dug out that old footage of Obama introducing Kwame Kilpatrick. (Funny, I always thought it was ok for politicians to be buddy-buddy with crooks before their public unmasking. Or maybe such associations are ok only if they involve money funneled to politicians from dirty people through indirect channels. It’s hard to keep these rules straight).

This is via our friend Consciousness Razor. Try taking her sexism and racism quiz, posted on her site along with this video; it’s a good comeback in the unfortunate event that someone you know starts talking that you-just-can’t-say-anything-anymore nonsense



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