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Liberal Blogger Smack-Down

I watched just a few minutes of Mona Charen versus Jane Hamsher on the Washington Journal’s 7:30 hour this past Sunday. As I watched, Hamsher pulled out all of the moves that typically define Republicans’ performances on these shows. Hamsher, a blogger for FireDogLake, talked over Charen, a writer for the National Review. Hamsher refused to let Charen finish her sentences, interrupted her, and shouted her down. Hamsher was unapologetically rude and Charen was apoplexic.

I found this performance both unnerving and heartening. I so disapprove of the talk show format, and I wish that it was possible for lefties to avoid cable TV shows. We don’t typically hold views that can be boiled down to a sound bite because—well, because we hold views, not bullet points in a party platform. Also, I can’t help but think that these types of talk shows feed on themselves and grow into larger national problems, like the one we have now, where talking heads spend hours evaluating politicians performances in debates and a hot minute on their policy differences. Performance overshadows principle, and I hate it.

That said, I am so grateful to Hamsher for refusing to let Charen say that botched abortion babies are born and then strangled by hospital staff because of Roe V Wade. I especially love the way that Hamsher’s smile was cemented on her face, Sarah Palin-style, when she continued to shout down Charen’s repeated and absurd assertion that most American women are against choice, once its implications are fully explained to them. Charen’s only response was to fume.

Thanks for standing up, Jane.



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