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Big Ups to Stiller & Tropic Thunder Crew

Folks may disagree on the merits of the film, Tropic Thunder, but I  was struck by the absence of sexism.

Unabashed insensitivity about the mentally disabled? Certainly. Thin-line-treading on race with Robert Downey, Jr in blackface? Eh, actually some unexpectedly good critique of both race and gender minstrelsy.

But for a film about the Vietnam War set in Asia, the lack of stereotypes about prostitutes, ping pong balls ejected from coochies, and a complete absence of the words, “Me love you long time” was refreshing.

True, none of this occurred to me until about a week after a second viewing, but doesn’t this verge on the ideal? Not noticing the absence of misogyny? Or am I merely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? I’m just sayin’.

Now your turn to point out some sexism I missed when I was LMAO…Call me, Robert D!



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