Reviewing the Feminist Blogosphere

As 4everuppity pointed out in her post Feminists Go With the Flow, the feminist public sphere seems to be becoming almost indistinguishable from the feminist blogosphere. Feminist blogs have become so numerous that I can’t visit even all the good ones in the course of my first cup of tea (the time limit I try to put on each morning’s surfing.) In order to help our fellow feminist blog readers (and bloggers) make the best choices with their own allotted webtime, we now offer the Feminist Blog Review page, which reviews a number of the blogs we find the most interesting and useful from a feminist perspective, with notes on what sort of information and writing they’re particularly good at providing. But if your blog is not listed, it’s not necessarily because we don’t appreciate it; we’ve only reviewed a few sites each for starters and plan to add as we move forward. If you have a site you write or simply that you particularly like that you’d like reviewed, drop us a line on the comments section of the review page and we’ll try to get to it. Happy surfing!



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One response to “Reviewing the Feminist Blogosphere

  1. irlgirllol

    I LOVE this blog, I really wish their were more intelligent women on the internet. Some of the comments I get on my blog (all from men) are absolutely infuriating. Sometimes it feels I’m the only girl on this internet plane.

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