What’s up with Karl Rove?

Is he planning something nefarious? Is he a pod person? Is he on drugs? What ever it is, it’s worrying me. First he predicted a landslide victory for Obama. Then he acted strangely on Fox News on election night as well, according to Andrew O’Hehir over at Salon,

Barnes kept circling back to his meme of the moment, the idea that a “center-right” nation has inexplicably elected a dangerous left-winger. Bill Kristol was ready to join in the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but Karl Rove — I’ll say that again, Karl Rove — struck a far more conciliatory tone, describing Obama as “a very smart politician who has clearly moved to the center over the course of this campaign.” Mind you, Rove appears to believe that Nancy Pelosi is the dangerous radical in Washington, one who yearns to drag a moderate president-elect into quasi-socialistic excesses.

I wasn’t able to watch Fox News over here as they weren’t doing streaming video and my friends’ Sky TV didn’t get the channel We were all a bit disappointed as we were ready to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude. But apparently we wouldn’t have enjoyed it at Rove’s expense anyway. WTF? Has he just decided everything’s going to suck for at least the next four years so we might as well let a Dem take the blame? Is there just no more money for the Cheneys of the world to suck out of the nation into their personal bank accounts, so no point in having a Republican administration? Or maybe he’s just trying to alienate Obama’s followers by starting the ‘he’s betrayed his Left values’ perception early?

To borrow a phrase from Rachel Maddow, could someone talk me down here?



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2 responses to “What’s up with Karl Rove?

  1. blfmstprof

    Karl Rove is a happy little bug these days because he knows he won. His entire plan was to move the country so far to the right that when it swung back, as it always does, it would still be closer to the right. Now he has the liberal media folks saying exactly what he wants them to say, that we’re a center-right country. It’s as if his whole plan is coming together before his eyes. He knows he won way back and that the election of the moderate and centrist Obama is still a victory even if McCain lost. Scary.

  2. jke4

    Thanks for this blfmstprof. I knew his happiness couldn’t be a good sign!

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