Rachel Maddow is the Fourth Estate

The media is supposed to be watching the legislative, judicial and executive branches to make sure they don’t act a fool. I’m sure that’s not how Carlyle phrased it back in the day, but that’s what he meant. For the most part the media fall down on the job with occasional moments of consciousness (eg. some Hurricane Katrina reporting).

I am so very glad that Rachel Maddow’s now on MSNBC. When I can stand to listen to Air America (and their endless ads for plastic surgery. Are Lefties that fug?), Maddow’s show features insightful guests. Neither she nor them talks down to her audience. However, there are some aspects to her reporting that have to be seen to get the full impact.

The linkages she made last week between rabid McCain supporters yelling racial epithets and “bomb him” and the historical racist violence of America during the modern-day civil rights movement was positively masterful. Massive kudos to Maddow, her producers and researchers.  Take a looksee…



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2 responses to “Rachel Maddow is the Fourth Estate

  1. jke4

    Wow! That was fantastic. A full analysis, complete with historical perspective. Journalism lives!

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