Poor and Minorities Blamed for Credit Crunch

Yes, you read that right. Apparently it has nothing to do with deregulation, Wall Street’s greed, and bad business practices. For an excellent account of this twisted logic that demonstrates why it is not only offensive but flat wrong, see Daniel Gross’ recent article at Slate. I guess the GOP needed a 21st century version of the 1980s welfare queen to take the fall for their most recent disasters: instead of the black woman buying steak and vodka with her food stamps, we have now have a minority home owner too shortsighted and grabby to accept that they can’t really afford a house. It’s astonishing how time and again Republicans manage to project their own greed and stupidity onto the very people their practices have hurt the most. And it’s horrific to think how many people will probably believe in this bait and switch, simply because it’s always easy to blame minorities for anything that goes wrong in America.



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One response to “Poor and Minorities Blamed for Credit Crunch

  1. flyovermiss

    Don’t forget the all-important corollary to this argument: it’s the *Democrats* who want to help the poor minorities at the expense of white America, so this problem is really the fault of the Dems.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, really. As you note, this kind of bait and switch all too often takes the place of substantive discussion in the U.S. It’s a disappointing commentary on how ugly we get when things start to go wrong.

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