Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy





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4 responses to “Sarah Palin on Foreign Policy

  1. jke4

    She really brings home the meaning of the phrase ‘bush league‘, doesn’t she?

  2. flyovermiss

    A friend of mine sent me some pictures from a rally in Anchorage by a group calling itself Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin. My current favorite sign slogan: “God’s Will is Not a Foreign Policy.”

    Although the simple “Pro-Woman, Anti-Palin” is a close second….

  3. htg03

    Here is Mudflat’s post on the Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin Rally:

    Thanks for mentioning this, flyovermiss.

  4. htg03

    Also, thanks for the definition of Bush League, jke. I’ve heard it so many times in reference to GWB I thought it originated with him!

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