Feminism, NewsHour Style

What happens when a bunch of old white guys get together to talk about women?

Here are some excerpts from the last NewsHour show with syndicated columnist Mark Shields and NYT columnist David Brooks. They are discussing Palin’s interview with Gibson. Notice the casual trashing of feminism and feminists:

JIM LEHRER: What about Sarah Palin’s interviews with Charlie Gibson of ABC, what did you think of those. . .

MARK SHIELDS: The feminists, who said you can have it all, are saying, why isn’t she home with her baby? You know, it is just — it’s a rather remember remarkable transformation of positions.

DAVID BROOKS: I think so. I think the old-line feminists say, she’s not a woman. And those sorts of attacks are just over the top.

And a lot of us are not much pro-Palin. We are anti-anti-Palin, because the attacks have been so feverish. (tune in to minute 12:40 to hear that gem).

Wow, I had no idea I thought Palin wasn’t a woman. Thanks for clearing that up for me, David.

My lady-mind must have been just totally overloaded by this whole election thingamabob, causing me to think I had an actual critique of Palin that was based on a decade of training as a cultural critic and study of women in American culture.

As it turns out, I’m just a cat-fighting bitch who thinks that women should stay home with their children.

Now all of my struggles to define myself in this topsy-turvy world have been resolved.



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One response to “Feminism, NewsHour Style

  1. flyovermiss

    It’s nice to know that we can count on white men to tell us what we think.

    One of the things they’re missing, however, is that it’s not just “feminists” who dislike the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s vice-president. A climbing buddy of mine is a stay-at-home mom/wife to a career officer in the air force who rejects the label of “feminist” fairly vehemently, and yet has been rallying her community against Palin based on Palin’s lack of foreign policy expertise. Palin may be willing to lead her own children’s miliary branches despite her ignorance, but these air force wives don’t want her even potentially responsible for governing the conflicts in which their husbands fly.

    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand that feminism doesn’t require blind support of anything allowed to wear a skirt suit to a major party convention.

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