Republican Land Shark Deja Vu

As I was watching the Republican convention, I had a serious feeling of SLN deja vu.

Since the end of the convention, the details of the skit causing the deja vu swam around at the edges of my mind, not quite breaking the surface. I mulled.

Sarah Palin’s description of herself as harmless hockey mom.

John McCain’s description of himself as a maverick yet benign war hero.

Their insistent knock, knock on America’s door. as two happy do-gooders, here to provide. Country First!

The absurdity of wrapping their bloodthirsty, do-anything-for-power-ethos in banal wreathes of smiles, and the pain of watching Americans open the door for them, perhaps to get their heads bitten off down the line. When all they have to do is look out of their peepholes and see what’s right in front of them.

Finally I remembered: the land shark skit.

I googled around to see if anyone else had noticed the striking connection between Republicans and Land Sharks.

What I found instead was a quote from a Republican congressman comparing Democrats to Land Sharks this summer.

Preempted by the party of doofy old white people. Really, did you see the crowd at the RNC? They probably think John McCain is young, and that’s why no one’s too worried about Palin.

They must pay some young’ns – you know, people in their 30s and 40s – to come up with these pop culture references for them.



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