VP Babe: Looks Count

Maybe Sarah Palin is a feminist.

A youtube video shows her embracing the same superficial identity politics of those third-wave feminists who insist feminists can be pretty too.

“You are all a bunch of cool looking Christians,” Palin tells the Assembly of God, the Alaskan church where she and her children were baptized, “people are going to be interested in Jesus Christ through you because of the way you look.”  She lavishes special attention on one “red-headed Sasquatch for Jesus.”

“Times are really changing and with the times that change,” she tells the crowd, “looks even change.”

Unlike those stodgy, uptight, angry feminists – uh, I mean evangelical Christians – of the past, this generation of evangelicals is “hip, unique and creative.”

Can you see the new t-shirt?

Front: This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Back: This Is What A Christian Looks Like



Also not hot: her asking the congregation to pray for Alaska’s economic future.  According to Palin, “God’s will has to be done in unifying individuals and corporations.”

See what happens when you insist on wrapping politics in a pretty package?

Scary, indeed.


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