Turns out sexism exists after all

Did you know that, now that there’s a Republican woman running, sexism does in fact exist and effects the way people see government officials? The Democrats, according to Joan Walsh, are afraid to criticize Palin because they don’t want to be/seem sexist, and the Republicans can cry sexism and media elitism whenever anyone takes a swipe at Palin because of her poor credentials, scanty record and general idiocy. Not only does the Right now get to look hip for nominating a woman, they get to protect themselves by invoking some bizarro world version of feminism. I was pretty certain I couldn’t be surprised by how bad things would get this election. And I voted for Obama in the primary because I thought both he and Clinton were decent candidates, and I was convinced that Clinton could not be elected in a country where so many people hated her so much before she even became a candidate. But I never thought Republicans would get to protect themselves under some stolen banner of travestied feminism.

This is an excellent time to give money to the Obama campaign, BTW; they are pouring out adds on Palin’s record to make sure women know how rabidly anti-choice she is.



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  1. htg03

    Yes. John Stewart’s take on this at the link above– you have to watch for a few minutes before you get to the relevant part, but it’s all really funny.

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